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Riwo Sangchöd Registration Now Open

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Riwo Sangchöd Registration Now Open
by Erik Andersson - Thursday, 16 April 2015, 1:46 PM

The Riwo Sangchöd is the most widely-used sadhana for the Tibetan practice of sang, smoke offering. Sang is a an ancient and powerful practice for purifying sickness, removing obstacles, accruing merit, and paying karmic debts. This particular practice was revealed as terma by the greattreasure revealer Lhatsun Namkha Jigme in the 17th century, identifying it as the men-ngag, or secret instruction, for his Dzogchen teaching cycle known as the Rigdzin Sogdrup (Attaininment of the Life-force of the Vidhyadharas). It was through the performance of this ritual that he was able to remove all obstacles to the Dharma in Sikkim and revealed it as a secret land of the Buddha's teachings.

By making offerings to the Buddhas & Bodhisattvas, Dharmapālas, Dakinis, and all sentient beings as well as to our 'demons,' obstacle makers, and obstructors, we are able to avert negativity and increase positive circumstances for all beings.

Sang is one of the most quintessentially Tibetan practices in Buddhism, with many layers of meaning and application . While the outer benefits of creating auspiciousness and removing obstacles are more commonly spoken about, the true inner meaning of the ritual unveils profound pith instructions for Dzogchen practice. Lama Tsultrim's intimate understanding of this level of meaning brings these teachings to life as she guides participants through the text, revealing the manifold interpretations of each line in this beautiful sadhana.

In the online course, participants will receive a live video transmission for the Riwo Sangchöd on Sunday, May 3rd at 10am PDT from Lama Tsultrim, as well as unlimited access to her pre-recorded video teachings on the sadhana. Her rich instructions will provide each participant with a true understanding of the meaning of the practice, while our new online learning platform offers ample support for starting your own sang practice, with additional instructional videos and mp3 downloads from Anna Raithel, Tara Mandala's head chöpon (ritual attendant) and umdze (chant leader). You will receive a downloadable PDF text and commentary, complete with photos for fire and shrine set-up, and instructions for doing a simple practice with stick incense or incense powder.

The program fee of $95 goes towards operational costs at Tara Mandala Retreat Center, as well as our continued online program expansion. Scholarships and sustaining sangha discounts are available.

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